Uptown Express - Extra Caffeine - Dark


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Richard Gallicchio
Uptown Express

Excellent coffee, good solid robust flavor.

Larry Tobin
Uptown Express

Delicious, smooth, and wales you up! I wish it came in a larger size. I live this coffee!!!

Jeff Bruno
Coffee for the pace of life!

I'm an old-school, hardcore coffee drinker. No lattes, no frappuccinos, no flavored roasts, just good old straight-up COFFEE! After trying many brands throughout my life, I had finally found a coffee brand that, frankly, didn't make coffee drinking a chore. Chock Full Of Nuts. At first, I had fallen hard for the New York Roast Dark.
But then I saw it! Uptown Express - Extra Caffeine (UEECD), and it, too, was a Dark Roast! It had everything I've ever needed, Extra Caffeine in a Dark Roast. Even the name evokes New York, Uptown Express.
Sensing a theme aside, my work was cut out for me. How to find UEECD in a town that thinks Starbucks is a NEW entity? First, I petitioned my local grocer to stock it, which they did.
Seeing that savings coupon in my email (if you aren't signed up for Chock Full's emails, social media, etc., do so!) my wife then took it upon herself to order me a case! Only because they either don't come in the large can, or our retailed doesn't stock the big can. Otherwise, I would be buying it in the super-large can size (32oz) and possibly a case of those!
It's tough when you drink 6 cups of it a day...
Taste, aroma, and that special little kick. What more do you need?

Rodney Hood

Good smooth drink!!

Maryann Indrunas
Coffee to Renergize!!

Good morning! My husband seems to like it!